Caring today for a greener tomorrow.

Green Stewardship International (GSI) is an environmental non-governmental organization motivated by the Christian principle of stewardship. We believe that caring for the environment is essentially caring for our neighbours, ourselves and our common future.

Our vision.

GSI'S VISION is a world where every development activity is done with care for people and their environment. Environmental issues are most often treated as an afterthought in the current economic system, but we believe that it is time for environmental concerns to be given high priority in all development efforts. As highlighted in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, development goals are only achievable if the environment is able to sustain them. OUR REASON FOR BEING is to inspire and mobilize global citizens regardless of their nationality, religion, gender and political association to be part of protecting our common environment, for the sake of this generation and coming ones. In short, we are caring today for a greener tomorrow. “We tend to put the environment last because we think the first thing we have to do is eliminate poverty. But you cannot reduce poverty in a vacuum. You are doing it in an environment.” – Prof. Wangari Maathai

Our focus.

About us.

THE STORY OF GSI started in 2015, when Yaw Yeboah and his wife Josefin Egerlid Yeboah visited Yaw’s home country Ghana. They were troubled by the environmental problems they saw: from deforestation and degraded landscapes due to uncontrolled mining, to pollution by plastic bags and toxic smoke from burning garbage.

A VISION WAS BORN to start an environmental organization named Green Stewardship International (GSI): green for the environment, stewardship because it was standing on the biblical mandate to care for God’s creation, and international as Yaw and Josefin were envisioning a movement that would eventually spread beyond Ghana.

TODAY GSI IS BLESSED with an eminent team of Stewards who are contributing to making the vision a reality. Click below to learn more about our core values and to meet our Board, Management Team and Advisors.

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